In this HackerEarth Total cost problem solution, A family consists of x members. You are given the task to book flight tickets for these x members.
You are given the following information about the airline in which you have to book the tickets:
  1. P: It denotes the cost of one ticket of flight.
  2. S: It denotes the number of total available seats on the flight.
  3. T: If the numbers of available seats are less than or equal to T, then the cost of the flight ticket increases to H.
  4. H: It denotes the new hiked cost.
  5. Determine the total cost to book the tickets for all the family members.

HackerEarth Total cost problem solution

HackerEarth Total cost problem solution.

using namespace std;
int main()
int p,s,t,h,x;
int temp=s-t;
return 0;