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HackerEarth Rest in peace - 21-1 problem solution

In this HackerEarth Rest in peace - 21-1! problem solution The grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania XXX recently happened. And with it, happened one of the biggest heartbreaks for the WWE fans around the world. The Undertaker's undefeated streak was finally over.

Now as an Undertaker fan, you're disappointed, disheartened and shattered to pieces. And Little Jhool doesn't want to upset you in any way possible. (After all you are his only friend, true friend!) Little Jhool knows that you're still sensitive to the loss, so he decides to help you out.

Every time you come across a number, Little Jhool carefully manipulates it. He doesn't want you to face numbers which have "21" as a part of them. Or, in the worst case possible, are divisible by 21.

If you end up facing such a number you feel sad... and no one wants that - because you start chanting "The streak is broken!" , if the number doesn't make you feel sad, you say, "The streak lives still in our heart!"

Help Little Jhool so that he can help you!

HackerEarth Rest in peace - 21-1! problem solution

HackerEarth Rest in peace - 21-1! problem solution.

tc = int(raw_input())
while (tc>0):
tc = tc - 1
n = int(raw_input())
m = str(n)
if (m.find('21')>=0) or (n%21==0):
print "The streak is broken!"
print "The streak lives still in our heart!"

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