In this HackerEarth Little Jhool and the Magical Jewels, problem-solution Little Jhool is still out of his mind - exploring all his happy childhood memories. And one of his favorite memory is when he found a magical ghost, who promised to fulfill one of Little Jhool's wishes.

Now, Little Jhool was a kid back then, and so he failed to understand what all could he have asked for from the ghost. So, he ends up asking him something very simple. (He had the intuition that he'd grow up to be a great Mathematician, and a Ruby programmer, alas!) He asked the ghost the power to join a set of *the letters r, u, b, and y * into a real ruby. And the ghost, though surprised, granted Little Jhool his wish...

Though he regrets asking for such a lame wish now, he can still generate a lot of real jewels when he's given a string. You just need to tell him, given a string, how many rubies can he generate from it?

HackerEarth Little Jhool and the Magical Jewels problem solution

HackerEarth Little Jhool and the Magical Jewels problem solution.

tc = int(raw_input())
while (tc>0):
tc = tc - 1
a = raw_input()
r, u, b, y = a.count('r'), a.count('u'), a.count('b'), a.count('y')
print min(r, min(u, (min(b, y))))