In this HackerRank Sed command #3 problem solution, we have given an input file, in each line, highlight all the occurrences of 'thy' by wrapping them up in brace brackets. The search should be case-insensitive.

Input Format

A text file will be piped to your command via STDIN.

Output Format

Highlight all occurrences of 'thy' as shown in the example below.

HackerRank Sed command #3 problem solution

Problem solution.

sed -e s/thy/{\&}/gi

Second solution.

cat | sed 's/thy/{&}/gI'

Third solution.

sed 's/[tT][hH][yY]/{&}/g'

Fourth solution.

while read LINE || [[ -n $LINE ]]; do
echo "$TEXT" | sed -e s/thy/{\&}/gI