In this HackerRank Sed command #1 problem solution In this challenge, we will practice using the sed command to parse and transform text. Sed is a popular tool that enables quick parsing and transformation of text.


For each line in a given input file, transform the first occurrence of the word 'the' with 'this'. The search and transformation should be strictly case-sensitive.

Input Format

A text file will be piped into your command through STDIN.

Output Format

Transform the text as specified by the task.

HackerRank Sed command #1 problem solution

Problem solution.

sed -e "s/ the / this /"

Second solution.

sed 's/\(.[Tt]\)he /\1his /'

Third solution.

sed 's/\(^\| \)the\( \|$\)/\1this\2/'

Fourth solution.

sed -e 's/\bthe\b/this/'