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HackerRank Awk - 4 problem solution

In this HackerRank Awk - 4 problem solution You are provided a file with four space-separated columns containing the scores of students in three subjects. The first column, contains a single character (A-Z) - the identifier of the student. The next three columns have three numbers (each between 0 and 100, both inclusive) which are the scores of the students in English, Mathematics and Science respectively.

Input Format

There will be no more than 10 rows of data. Each line will be in the format:

[Identifier]<space>[Score in English]<space>[Score in Math]<space>[Score in Science]

Output Format

Concatenate every 2 lines of input with a semi-colon.

HackerRank Awk - 4 problem solution

Problem solution.

awk 'ORS=NR%2?";":"\n"'

Second solution.

awk '{
    printf "%s;", $0
    if(getline <= 0)
        print ""
        print $0

Third solution.

awk  '{if(NR %2 != 0){FNR==NR;printf "%s %d %d %d;",$1 ,$2, $3, $4 ;}else {FNR==NR;printf "%s %d %d %d\n",$1 ,$2, $3, $4 ;}}'

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