In this HackerRank Ruby - Strings - Encoding problem solution Although UTF-8 is the most popular (and recommended) encoding style for content, Ruby supports 100 other encodings (try puts Encoding. list for the full list). With this in mind, we should learn how to convert between different encodings.


In this challenge, we practice setting the encoding information for some strings of text using Ruby's Encoding methods. Write a function named transcode which takes an ISO-8859-1 encoded string as a parameter, converts it to a UTF-8 encoded string, and returns the result.

HackerRank Ruby - Strings - Encoding problem solution

Problem solution.

# Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT
def transcode(iso)
    utf = iso.force_encoding("utf-8")
    return utf

Second solution.

def transcode(s)