In this HackerEarth String Sum problem solution Consider All lowercase Alphabets of the English language. Here we consider each alphabet from a to z to have a certain weight. The weight of the alphabet a is considered to be 1, b to be 2, c to be 3, and so on until z has a weight of 26. In short, the weight of the alphabet a is 1, and the weight of all other alphabets is the weight of its previous alphabet + 1.

Now, you have been given a String S consisting of lowercase English characters. You need to find the summation of the weight of each character in this String.

HackerEarth String Sum problem solution

HackerEarth String Sum problem solution.

import java.util.*;
class example_2
static Scanner sc;
static PrintWriter out;

static void init() throws Exception
sc=new Scanner(;
out=new PrintWriter(System.out);

public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
long sum=0;
for(char ch:a)