HackerEarth Battlefield (MEDIUM) problem solution

In this HackerEarth Battlefield (MEDIUM) problem solution The war goes on. The Knights and the Demons are fighting at their fullest but as expected, the evil is dominating the good ones. In order to defeat the Demons, the knights have to come together.
Initially, everyone is standing in a circular path at the top of the Demon tower. The warrior at index 1 is standing next to the warrior at index n and before the warrior at index 2. In order to win the fight, the knights have to come together.
The knights have a special power through which they can swap themself with anyone.
Help the Knights decide the minimum number of swaps they have to do so that all of them stand together.

HackerEarth Battlefield (MEDIUM) problem solution

HackerEarth Battlefield (MEDIUM) problem solution.

using namespace std;
#define pb push_back
#define mp make_pair
typedef pair<int,int> pii;
typedef long long ll;
typedef double ld;
typedef vector<int> vi;
#define fi first
#define se second
#define fe first
#define SZ 666666
#define si(n) scanf("%d",&n);
#define sl(n) scanf("%ld",&n);
#define pi(n) printf("%d\n",n);
#define pl(n) printf("%ld\n",n);
#define pf(n) printf("%f\n",n);
#define FILL(a,b) memset(a,0,sizeof(b));
#define rep(i,n) for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
#define reps(i,a,b) for(int i=1;i<=b;i++)
const int INF=1e9+5;
const int MOD=1000000007;

int main(){
int T;
int N,k=0,countK=0;
string slide;



for(int i=0;i<N;i++)if(slide[i]=='K')++k;

for(int i=0;i<k;i++){
int maxK = countK;

for(int i=k;i<(N+N);i++){
countK = countK + ((slide[i]=='K')?1:0) - ((slide[i-k]=='K')?1:0);
maxK = max(maxK,countK);

return 0;

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