HackerRank String split and join problem solution in python

In this HackerRank string split and join problem solution in python In Python, a string can be split on a delimiter.
You are given a string. Split the string on a " " (space) delimiter and join using a - hyphen.

Function Description
Complete the split_and_join function in the editor below.
split_and_join has the following parameters:
  • string line: a string of space-separated words
  • string: the resulting string

HackerRank String split and join solution in python

Problem solution in Python 2 programming.

print '-'.join(raw_input().split())

Problem solution in Python 3 programming.

def split_and_join(line):
    line = line.split(" ")
    line = "-".join(line)
    return line

Problem solution in pypy programming.

def split_and_join(line):
    return line.replace(' ', '-')

Problem solution in pypy3 programming.

print ("-".join(input().split()))

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